Mysterious Creature BigFoot is filmed roaming through Portuguese desert

our planet can be sometimes very weird , but guess what its getting weirder ,unexplained things captured every day and today we have footage from the portuguesse desert showing strange beast walking in the desert , this new footage claims that they  have caught  images of creepy beast on camera as it roaming through Portuguese desert ,This weird beast neatly blends in with its muted surroundings,
the mysterious creature is seen to pace slowly through the wasteland on two legs (looks tired :p ) , while stooping its head ,However, the creature doesn't stay in view for long, as it swiftly disappears behind a large bush.

some internet users said it could be a chupacabra , While others have argued that it could be Big Foot
so what do you think is this beast a  bigfoot or another thing we dont know any thing about it !!!!

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