Coordinates of the Great Pyramid of Giza are equal to the speed of light

Strange Discovery Shows That The Coordinates Of Giza's Great Pyramid Are The Same As The Speed Of Light One of the most fundamental mathematical features of the pyramid is that its base shows the relationship between pi and phi. In a seeming tribute to the sun from the Egyptians, twice the perimeter of the base of the pyramid multiplied by one hundred million gives a figure that is equal to the suns constant radius. Weighing in at nearly six million tons, the mass of the pyramid can be multiplied by a factor of one hundred million to give a number that is close to the overall mass of the earth. Some of these mathematical relations can be explained by the construction of the pyramids to comply proportionally with natures golden ratio of 11: 7 that can be observed in many contexts throughout the world. Questions have been raised casting doubts over whether the ancient Egyptians intended these mathematical relations to occur or whether they are merely coincidences. Units such as meters per second and kilograms are modern units that ancient Egypt would not have understood so it would have been difficult for them to make the required calculations. However, there are still many believers that think the ancient Egyptian civilization was advanced enough to

have an understanding of these modern units as well as concepts such as how light will behave differently when observed in a vacuum. Either way, it seems that many mysteries surrounding the great pyramid in Giza will continue to go unsolved as archaeologists and other experts try to uncover the facts.

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