UFO News : NASA Detects MASSIVE Antarctica Anomaly

Images captured by  NASA’s satellites have detected  something unbelievable in the remote Antarctic region known as Wilkes Land. The anomaly is a described as a huge crack in the ground measuring 250 kilometers in the area which is estimated to be 850 kilometers deep , The discovery of this peculiar anomaly has prompted a great deal of speculation, and competing theories are already proliferating about how it was really created !
 asteroid impact
 Some scientists are suggesting that the crack was caused by an enormous asteroid impact,
 approximately twice the size of the asteroid which triggered the K-event that led to the
 mass extinction of the dinosaurs.
 Fourth Reich in the Antarctic region

However, others have suggested that the Wilkes Land anomaly was created much more recently
 than von Frese is presuming. Some of the photographs of the area appear to show various
 saucer-shaped entrances coming in and out of the sides of high-altitude regions of the
 surrounding mountains. These images have prompted theories that the region has been used
 as a secret military base. It is believed that the base could have been created by the Nazis
 who sought to develop a Fourth Reich in the Antarctic region.

 The cause of the intriguing anomaly may remain a cause for great speculation for years
 as scientists wishing to explore the region have experienced some frustrating setbacks.
 The ice shelf surrounding the anomaly is extraordinarily thick, and it appears that it
 is practically impossible to penetrate. This means that the anomaly is likely to continue
 to be a mystery and source of controversy for many years to come.

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