Creepy Real Sea Monsters : Russian Fisherman Reveals The Terrifying Cre...

images of strange deep sea creatures are going viral, thanks to one
Russian fisherman and his Twitter account,His name is Roman Fedorstov
and he crews a deep sea trawler based out of Murmansk in Russia’s frigid
far northwest.

Fedorov has been cataloguing the strange finds
his trawler pulls from the deep ocean, including the hellish Pacific
angelfish and the frill shark, which lives up to 5,000 feet beneath the
waves. Most of this stuff isn’t intentionally harvested, but turns up in
the trawling nets anyhow — this known as “by-catch.”

His Twitter feed, which catalogues dozens of incredible images, now has a healthy 83,000 followers.

pictures invoked some controversy and backlash with arguments such as
deep sea creatures should be left alone. Many of the deep sea beings die
because of the change of pressure when brought to the surface, and this
raises the question of whether they should be killed just for the sake
of a sensational tweet. Plus, after seeing such creatures for the first
time, people are afraid humans would destroy the delicate ecosystem of
the mysterious beings.

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