The Mysterious Disappearance of Bruno Borges - Real alien abduction 2017

Bruno Borges, the son of the local contractor Athos Borges has recently disappeared from his family home in the province of the Brazilian Acres.

According to his parents, the young man has been remarkably intelligent and has always shown a keen interest in what some might call "forbidden knowledge."

Before his disappearance on 27 March, Bruno had retained its house locked during a month. During this period he covered many pages to write cryptic and then covered the walls, floor, ceiling and the furniture in his room with said pages.
He had also worked on 14 Manuscripts, all written in the same figure. His mother has admitted that he once told him the books have the power to change humanity in a positive way.

"It is informed," said the mother of Bruno local press. "At school, he was always differentiated, a born leader, with a high power of persuasion. It is a good boy, who has given of the things of the House and others, such as the T-shirts and trousers. This is not because he is my son, I speak of love Bruno, who sees the soul of the people."
Freedom of Thought also characterized Bruno Borges, which is adorned with alchemical symbols mysterious and spotless has symmetry.

On the inside of the House of Bruno there is evidence not only of esoteric knowledge generally outside the scope of the average Joes but also a foreigner
in a short period of time, his case has attracted the interest of the local media and a small part of one of his manuscripts has already been translated into Portuguese.
"For thousands of years the human being has tried to find answers to questions such as "What is the meaning of life"? The philosophy that is all indicates, seems to have been undertaken with stories of Miletus in the middle of 700 before J.-C. It aims to find the remains of questions without answers.

Deep Search of the absolute truth comes from the philosophy, and when we are talking about respect of paths easy or difficult, we are referring to this type of theorem. It is easy to accept what you have been taught since childhood and that which is evil. It is difficult when you are an adult to understand that you have been taught since to wrong you suspect that you have been correct.

In other words, if you adapt to certain stimuli including the one from the Environment has determined a certain behavior for you, making you the store of beliefs already provided and well established in the dogmas and rituals, with a mass of people in it; or allowing you to be compliant, the acceptance of the concept of happiness and meaning of life in the media and society, then it is clear that it is part of the easy access to the research of the absolute truth. Does it fit in the second option, that is to say, that which suspected each set of beliefs that is rooted in him, then he has everything to be a researcher sincere in the things around him, the seizure of a path more complex, where a minority of companies or of the faces of courage …"

This mystery develops. By its own admission, Bruno had stumbled on something that reflects the true meaning of life and that it was determined to follow. In its own words, it is launched in a "path complicated" in search of the truth.

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